6.06 LTS Server apt-get fails

I recently installed 6.06 server (choosing the LAMP config from the installer menu). I had some strange problems with the OS and after hearing the LAMP configuration installer was flakey sometimes I re-loaded the thing from scratch, this time choosing only the basic install. However, the problems presisted. There are several things wrong. First, the apt-get will not connect to any archives on the internet AT ALL. Every attempt brings back either an error or ignore message. This happens even when the firewall is forwarding all ports directly to the server, so I don't think it's a NAT issue. Also, the man command is acting funny. I can read man pages (ie man tcpdump) but when I search for a keyword with man -k it always comes back with "nothing appropriate" even when I search for know good commands (like man -k tcpdump).  Finally, I can't mount remote drives through the fstab. Something strange is going on...I think it's a global system issue. I suspected the disc at first, but I used the disc's onboard self-diagnostic and it came back clean.The interface appears fine because it is pulling an IP from the DHCP server and I can ping around the network with no problems.Any ideas??