6.06RC on Sony C1MHP Why does it freeze?

Hi everyone, i have been running Ubuntu 5.04 on my Sony Picturebook C1MHP for many months now, everything works nice Jog Dial, Bluetooth, Suspend, just the camera not working but that's useless anyway.So, decided to upgrade to 5.10. What a disaster!, Nothing worked anymore..most importantly, everything was really slow...especially boot time.So i decided to upgrade to 6.06.RC WOW really nice..everything works..boot time good too BUT and it's a big BUT , after running for a while the whole thing just freezes! The only waay to get out of the freeze is to hold the power button down and reboot. In addition to this some of the application buttons (Close, Next) have lines on them, when i hover the pointer over them they clean up (wierd huh?)FYI i have 6.06 RC running on an IBM X21 and so far it's been a dream.So..anyone know why 6.06 RC freezes?In the mean time i have had to re-install 5.04 as it's the only version that seems to work. Every other version seems to be going backward not forward.

Well, after looking around

Well, after looking around some other forums, i was advised to try the 'vesa' driver instead of the ati driver. I tried this but found i could no longer get 1280x600 resolution, despite it being in the xorg.conf file. So i am still unable to get 6.06 to work for any length of time without freezing. I had a look around the Ubuntu Forum and this does seem to be a real bug for this relase with lots of people have the same or similar problems. I realise that this is an unusual laptop but only in screen resolution and i have proved that Ubuntu works really well on my X21 laptop by IBM. Ubuntu need to fix this bug really quickly otherwise i fear it will damage the reputation of an otherwise excellent distro. In the mean time, if any one has any ideas i could try, please feel free to offer them.

Gave Up

So, i have given up on 6.06. Went back to 5.04. EVERYTHING worked on my laptop with minor adjustment (sjog, Spicctrl, sonypi etc). Sleep works again. Up and running for almost a week and NO freezes whatsoever. I'm afraid release 6.06 has been a real let down for me particularly on this laptop. One would have expected that if an earlier (by two) release worked then the latest would have worked as well if not better? What went wrong?

I was stumped by this too

I was stumped by this too and was about to go back. Looking around the forums, there were a lot of posts concerning freezing problems with the Mobility Radeon M6 LY which is in my C1MGP. I am just guessing that you have the same card.
Anywho, what solved it for me finally was this post on the Gentoo forums: http://forums.gentoo.org/viewtopic-p-3237995.html
Someone somehow found out the correct settings for the radeon driver. My C1 hasn't crashed once since I started using these settings.

Another thing has me going bananas now however. I can't enable bluetooth to save my life. The hardware button does nothing at all and when I use 'spicctrl -l=1' I get a sonypi error in dmesg. How did you enable it?