A few general questions.

Hello! I am new to this forum and am really interested in using Ubuntu as an alternative to Windows. If anybody could help with the following points I would be very grateful.1) I've found a lot of info regarding using Windows to install Ubuntu and using it as a 'second' OS. But is it possible to uninstall Windows completely and load Ubuntu from the Bios?2) When Ubuntu is first installed, is there an option to first format the hard drive?3) I am in a home network system. All the other computers, including the 'main' one with the internet connection, use Windows; will it be possible to share the internet with the others, and transfer files?Thankyou so very much for your help! I really want to get away from Windows and start completely afresh, and am just hoping that Ubuntu might be the right thing to do.Ed

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Hello I am also new to this forum. I have already installed Ubuntu recently. 3) Since you are on a home network system (like me and mine was using ISA server) it is not wise to instantly wipe out windows. Keep both until you are sure you can handle network problems in ubuntu. For offline work i used to boot into ubuntu and to go Online i used windows till i did a thorough search on google getting as much info i can on the topic.2) Yes there is. It formats into its own disk format not NTFS or FAT32.1) I am not totally sure. But if you have a live CD or bootable Cd i think you can.

Thanks for your help!

Thanks for your help!


You can probably check the potential for networking in Ubuntu via the use of a liveCD. Try this first to make sure you know how to connect and then install. It makes things a litlle safer. Joe