Access Windows and MacOS drives

There is a neat utility out there, which is capable of searching for available HFS+, NTFS and FAT32 partitions. It creates mount points for them and adds them to /etc/fstab, so they will be mounted everytime you boot.

Instructions for use:
- Download and save this file on your local hard drive as winmac_fstab
- Open a terminal and type "sudo bash winmac_fstab"
- If sudo asks for a password, use your own password
- Your windows and mac partitions will now be mounted everytime
you boot. You can delete this script now if you like (with "rm winmac_fstab")

There also exists a similar script for Samba network shares (the ones Windows uses). Download the script here and install it as above.


The link doesn't work... (the one you're supposed to download)  -- Please fix! And what can i do with a Dual Boot?

Google it?

I Googled the file name and got a BUNCH of hits. Here is the first, which seems to be the script mentioned in the original posting.


Works but is it necessary?

My ntfs partition was already mounted (read only) on a standard Dapper installation.

Not as lucky

I'll probably try this out once I get my xerver running again, my Win 2k created ntfs partition appears in the media list but isn't mounted and I've not had much luck getting it to do so.