Acer laptop support ?

Hi , I am using Acer Aspire NWXMI AMD Turion T50 1.6Ghz 64 bit dual core Processor, 1 GB DDRSD RAM 533 FSB , ATI Radeon 1100 graphics , realtk Autdio . 5 in 1 card reader , Acer orbicam,120 GB HDD,CD,DVD Dual Layer R/W. Blue tooth , Wirell Lan wifi. Can I install Kubuntu in my system . I already have windozXP installed and I have 55 GB Free space in H-disc . Can I make it multiboot ? whether it will Play MP3 and other MPEG layer formats ? Whether it will play DVD video ? And whether it will detect my Processor,Graphics Card,Card Reader,Orbicam,DVD,Bluetooth,WIFI? Please let any one give me an Idea regarding this . Regards ~Ajai