add and remove programs disappeared

    I recently noticed that my add and remove programs application disappeared. I do not know how to locate it or even recover it. I was wondering if anybody has ever had a similar problem, and it so how did they fix it. Please Help.                                               xephexx-retired microsoft-ubuntu newbie                                   ICQ:488318370                                                                          

possible solution

Hi, there is a quick solution and there is an elegant one :)Here goes the quickie: run /usr/bin/gnome-app-install or even just gnome-app-install from a terminal, or from the deskbar in you panel (if you dont have the deskbar, add it! it will save you a lot of time). The gnome-app-install command is executed whenever you clicked on the Add / Remove menu item. So this lets you use the nice graphical installer with minimal effort.However, the elegant solution is to find what broke you menu and fix it. :) Just kidding! I imagine this may be overkill. There are ways to fix your menu so it lets you click-and-run your installer. One way is to use the Alacarte Menu Editor from the menu or just alacarte from a terminal and add an entry that points to /usr/bin/gnome-app-install. This should not be difficult to do, since the Alacarte menu editor is quite intuitive. This should do the trick.If you need more help, just say so :)