amule doesn't work anymore!!!

Hola everyone!
I installed aMule one month ago , (never used eMule, I hate computers before discovering linux world) and it worked really good. When I set the donw and upload limits very high I could transfer till 400-500k!
So a pity , it resisted just 3 days and then crashed down, first my amule could just upload and suddenly it could nor connect.
I searched in the forum several times and as I didn't found nothing similar I finally decided to post this.
I don't know, maybe that's me that I'm so stupid.......I recentl uploaded the last ubuntu's version and aMule 2.1.2 . It say " not valid server founded in server list" and "not connected:kad off"
I just put this server list but it doesn't work:
what should I do?



Alternetive server.met files

You can use the following server lists in order to connect to the amule-emule network: believe that if you try this you will be able to connect.

When my connection with

When my connection with aMule goes out, I just shut down aMule, power cycle the router, and start it up again. Works like a charm.I get my server list from -- you might want to try that instead.Of course, I also have version 2.1.0. Hopefully that doesn't make a difference.

it was a port conflict

hi !thanks so much for your help!some days ago a friend of  mine found the trouble, there was a port conflict between aMule and another application I installed . He changed the port and then aMule started again. But the next time I started my  computer aMule stopped again. Now it says that there's no 'kad' and it can't connect. (I'm really bad with computers, I started to be interested in just some months ago when I gave up with windozer to pass  in ubuntu's world........but I don't have so much time..)By the way , I tried your server list but I think the problem is not there actually.thank you , viva linux!!!!