hi guys my name is ikenna and believe me when i tell u that i am a real fan n enthusiast of the Linux having interacted with almost all of the linux distribution ranging from derbian,redhat,caldera,mandriva to the great SuSE and i just got a free ubuntu CD lately n cant wait 2  try it out..i gladly look forward to the day that i will b submitting patches to the linux kernel.but guys i seriously have a minute limitation which i know my co-developers could help me to.i need a laptop where i can start off my little piece of contribution to the development of this wonderful open source OS as i do not have enough resources to get one.i will b of so much joy if my request is granted by a co-kernel hacker so that i can start work immediately to make the best thing that has ever happened to computers the greatest OS the world could deliver.pls any triggered response should b forwarded to my mail( thnx guys.