Are you already using Ubuntu 8.04 "Hardy Heron"?


8.04 install issue

I have been unable to install 8.04. The install either stops at step 4 0f 7 during the cd install or if I try to do an on-line upgrade the system drops into a terminal window 'initiramfs" and stays there. Using an AMD athlon 64 set-up with 2 gb of ram. Same issues whether I try an 64 bit install or a 32 bit install.R.L.Hogan

well in my case, it looks

well in my case, it looks during the install that everything was completed. i got intel celeron m. but when i turn on the computer is not going to gui, it only stays on shell waiting for camands, i dont know if is because i got a server edition cd. i dont thnk so. but that is as far as i can get with ubuntu 8.04.

I installed Ubuntu 8.04 on

I installed Ubuntu 8.04 on my Acer Aspire 3003LCi laptop.  I found that wireless and suspend/hibernate works better than previous versions of Ubuntu.  However, I have had issues on Hardy which I didn't have on previous versions.  Things like getting Wine/Crossover to install Quicken 2002, changes in how smbfs works, and network printing.  I actually had printing work for a short time, and then some update killed it.  So things aren't perfect for me, just a different set of problems to resolve.

why use quicken??  there

why use quicken??  there are plenty of open source alternatives.

try the alternate install cd

try the alternate install cd

Why use Quicken?

Believe me when I tell you that I have tried everything the open source community has available to replace Quicken.  Nothing comes close for the records I have and the features I use.  I have records going back to 1977 for stock purchases and corresponding dividend reinvestments.  Trying to import into gnucash had everything a complete mess.  My data choked-to-death Kapital, KMyMoney, and MoneyDance.  So I am kinda stuck with Quicken.  And to be honest, running Quicken under CrossOver has never crashed and never let me down, so why change.  That combination has worked without incident for over 4 years.  Anyway, I can't help it that Hardy Heron has implemented stuff which is breaking old ways of doing things left and right.  I'm still pissed that I can't get printing to my print server working.

makes sense.  have you

makes sense.  have you looked on 

no issues on install.

I have had no issues on install except for my wireless card not working which I discovered is simply not supported by the Linux kernel. any program I used to use on windows that actually mattered I have found an open source version or Linux port for. My only problem is that I cant find an easy way to view shockwave content on Linux without going to wine and therefore windows software. If anyone knows hwo to do this without wine that would be awesome. Just P.M. me.

try sudo apt-get install

try sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop in the shell --or get a regular edition cd (not server) and install from that

Ubuntu 8.04

sounds like we have the same system. who makes your computer ??

how to get on the net in the first place???? HELP!!!!!

 I had the previous version of Ubuntu and a family member was able to connect me to the internet but that lasted a couple of days and since then the short cut (purple button) doesnt work anymore.That was in JUNE this year and I realized that without internet access there is not much good to have this operating system as all these great programs and free sources are on the net.Well I have the *new* disk with ubuntu 8.04 and hope it will install over the older version smoothly but allso have a queestion for the learned on here before I attempt to install this new version:a. Will it detect my modem (Diamond Supra Express 56K ) without my input????    This very modem did work for couple of days but had to be manualy configured by relative.    And this is difficult for me    I am an old fogie on DIALUP and having a heck of a time with those terminologies.b. can someone help me with this issue, PLEASE. I would be gratefull to say the least     Sincerely beaverfeather

I have noticed this on

I have noticed this on several installs.  Often,  it is a multiboot system with windows.  If I boot up windows and make sure it is properly shut down the Ubuntu problem disappears...Many users get very impatient with windows and just hardware reboot never using the windows software shutdown.  ;-)

Notebook adaptor

I just installed Hardy Heron on my laptop-was running WinXP.  The wireless adaptor Linksys WPC54G Wireless G versio n 1.2 does not work.  Is the Linksys adaptor usable in Ubuntu?

Notebook adaptor

I just installed Hardy Heron on my laptop-was running WinXP.  The wireless adaptor Linksys WPC54G Wireless G versio n 1.2 does not work.  Is the Linksys adaptor usable in Ubuntu?