automatrix2 install everything for u, shockwave, torrent, amsn for ubuntu

Hello, I want others to find automatrix2 because it took a lot of time for me to find it ,yes Im a noob in ubuntu, ,,so i dont think automatrix2 is very often written about,    when i google`d to find a way to install shockwave flash, torrent program, amsn, codecs plugins and drivers. it was everything i needed,   it must be easyer to install and find basic programs for new users I think


thought it might be worth mentioning most if not all of these things can be done easily in *buntu either through your package manager (synaptic/adept) or by following easy howtos on the ubuntu forums.  automatix2 is not supported by the ubuntu community as it leads to breakage and just generally makes a mess of things.  automatix should not be your first stop when it comes to doing something you're not familiar with, a little search can go a long way.  and hell this is why we have a community wiki.--Aaron :: UGA

nice automatrix2 guide

this is very nice installation guide for ubuntu users


    That isn't an ubuntu installation guide. You should remind your victim that when the instructions from that AUTOMATIX page locks up his package manager, he or she should look for the solution at the bottom of the page.