Backup installation

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I successfully installed the Ubuntu server edition on a PC of mine on partition hda1.

Here's how I partitioned the harddisk:
hda1 has 5gb
hda2 has 5gb (currently emtpy)
hda3 has 1gb and is /tmp

The rest is /usr

How can I backup my existing Ubuntu installation into partition hda2? I want to be able to boot from hda2 if the installation in hda1 gets corrupted.

Can I use the same /tmp partition for both installations?

Cloning a production partition to a rescue partition

congratulations for your partition plan beacause you have think at the backup partition to make it the same size as the root partition :)
to backup completly your /dev/hda1 partition to your /dev/hda2 partition you can use the dd command from a live CD if the the source partition is smaller or equal than the destination partition.
So boot on your Ubuntu LiveCD and just execute the following basic command :
dd if=/dev/hda1 of=/dev/hda2
to speed up the copy you can precise a Block Size by using the bs parameter like bs=1m
but if you want more intelligent solutions you can try partimage or mondo rescue which available in ubuntu packages. Partimage is also available on the SysRescue CD.
I think you can use the same /tmp for both installations because /tmp is made to be erased whenever it's needed so when you switch from one install to the other you can wipe the /tmp.
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happy new year

thanks for that information, sounds good. I'll try it soon...

I wish you a happy new year, too! :)