Best search engine for Ubuntu

Hi Ubuntu fans!

I'm in need of a good search engine. I mean Google does alright, but isn't there a specific search engine out there especially for Linux or Open Source?

As I'm using Ubuntu as my main operating system I sometimes just want to have search results in this area. Even better would be a search engine only for Ubuntu, of course :)

So leave me a comment if you know something about it...


Google Linux

Hi Mike,
have you already tried the Google Linux search engine ?
It's on
Hoping it will help you,
Good luck,

shame on me, i didn't know

shame on me, i didn't know that one :)

works fine, but the search results are still to widespread for my taste. is there really such a big difference to the normal search results of google?

Not really using it

Dear Mike,
I've pointed it to you but i don't use this particular Google page regularly because when i need to search on a linux subject i just put the linux keyword in my standard google search.
I don't know a search engine which has been specialized to only search for Linux related results but i'm not sure it would be very usefull because Linux is only one subject mixed with other ones.
Have an happy new year,

search engine for Ubuntu

we've just launched a brand new search engine for Ubuntu at

hope you enjoy it! :) will be further improved the following days...

still poor for the moment

having a simple search page for the ubuntux site is a good idea but it's still poor for the moment when compared to Google or Yahoo indexes :-P
We now have to put more content on ubuntux but also (maybe if it possible) to let search on other Ubuntu related sites.
I'm happy to see this site grow little by little.
Keep up the good work :)