Black Screen

I have a black screen once the disc goes through the beginnings of the install process.  I've gotten farther than this before, but to no avail.  I'm on a new computer running WinXP, try to install the default Ubuntu, and I get a big black screen.  What can I do?  I'm lost, and can't wait much longer.B

the same

I´ve got the same problem. When the installation Cd runs, it takes a while but then a black screen shows up and doesn´t go any further.. What may be the problem..????????

the same

Did you check your CD? I don't know for sure, but there is a menu option to check you CD. Maybe it isn't burned correctly? You are using ubuntu lite? I had some problems with installing the lite version so I used this :  I have ubuntu (server) lite working on a 366 mhz laptop, and I am happy with it.

Same issue with Installation

Yesterday I have got latest UBUNTU CD from mail.I have tried to run Live CD,after initial stages of language settings etc. black screen got freezed.I was waiting for more than hour but found no rescue other than restarting machine (for other OS).My machine configuration is PIII-500Mhz. with Intel810 motherboard and 128 RAM.So can somebody help me out?Thanks In Advace,Deepak

Same issue with installation

Which version of ubuntu do you have? When I look on the website, version 6.06 lts requires for the desktop 256 mb ram and 3 gb harddiskspace. The server version requires 64 mb and 500 mb harddiskspace.

Same issue with Installation

Yes, I have version 6.06 but I am not sure whether this problem exists due to memory limitation as for couple of my friends have same issue with 512MB RAM and large disc space.

Me too

I'm having the same problem, and its on a brand new computer (no hardware issue here). I'm not using the live CD, I'm attempting to install the full Ubuntu desktop.

I got the same problem. I

I got the same problem. I managed to install Ubuntu via the alternate install CD, but the problem persists, it occurs before the login screen shows up. Devices seem to be initiliased.I have a Nvidia Geforce 8800 GTS.I could boot into the recovery console and tried to reconfigure the xserver using the nv drivers, vesa and the once available at the nvidia site, all showed the same problem. Weird thing was, i could start the Xserver from the recovery console using all the above drivers, only that it went unresponsive after i clicked anything. So I don't think it's a graphics issue. I'm using Ubuntu 7.10 btw.Any Ideas would be most welcome.

same here

I'm having the exact same problem, and I'm also using a Geforce 8800 GTS.  Any solutions?Thanks!

Same problem

I also have a GeForce 8800 GTS, and have the same problem. The only other thing that I could think of that has caused problems for me before is the nForce drivers for my network device... any ideas?


8800gts, same problem, on trying to install from cd (7.10 but have tried others too) kernal loads, then nonresponcive black screen sets in. anyone here to tell me/us what can be done?

Same problem with a 8800

Same problem with a 8800 GTS!! Oh my god.And what's worst, im quite new with linux world, i just installed Kubuntu and Ubuntu at work, and now at home I can't cause of the graphic card... Anyone got to fix it?? Help please!

black Screen

i also had the same issue.
Using Live DVD of ubuntu 8.1 Intrepid Ibex, it shows the progress bar when ubuntu is getting loaded to memory, but then the screen goes blank. I can hear the login sound but nothing on the screen.
Then i tried to boot it again. You have the F4 options of choosing the display mode before installing Ubuntu. Choose the Safe Graphics mode. It worked for me. I successfully logged in.
Then i tried the hardware testing and it failed at the video drivers stage. It failed to show the video bars during the test.

I havent installed ubuntu using this mode but i got the display working with the mode during the live session ( using without installing ubuntu).