Black screen after install option selected in 6.10 - Please help!

I have a black screen once the install mode is selected and the install process begins. I can hear the CDROM whirl then nothing happens.

  • I have installed on another machine with the same disks and everything works fine.
  • I have tried another video card but get the same results.
  • I have downloaded many versions of the install disks alternate, desktop and server but get the same results trying every mode available.
  • I have tried setting acpi=off.
  • I have tried installing suse 10.x and it works fine.
  • I have tried resetting the bios settings.
  • I have tired turning off the onboard sound controller and sata in the bios. 

Please help!

A few questions...

Malcom,My aplogies if this is a duplicate post, but I don't think my first comment went through.You mentioned turning off acpi, but I had to turn off apic.  If I recall, one has to do with power management and the other with interrupts.  Did you add the 'linux noapic' boot option when booting the live cd prior to installation?Also, might you be using an Nvidia card?  If so, what model? Thanks!Brandon

Nvidia and ATI

I have tried a Nvidia e-GeForce MX 4000, Nvidia GeForce3 Ti500 and an ATI 9600 all in wonder. All of them give me the blank screen. I tried adding the linux noapic but still have the same issue. Do you have any other ideas?

Error Message

After some troubleshooting i decided to plug in my DVI output cable instead of my vga cable and received the following message "your cpu does not support long mode. use a 32bit distribution." I don't know why the vga output on my nvidia card doesn't display this message.