Black screen during installation!! please help me

When the installation Cd runs, it takes a while but then a black screen shows up and doesn´t go any further.. What may be the problem..????????please help to sort out thesemy Laptop config isAsus a6q00km model:Ram1GB;Processor: AMD turion 64 bit;Graphic card : Nvidia GeForceGo 7300;

Black screen on install

I have the same problem. I am prompted with the Ubuntu logo and several options, choose install (or another option), see a progress bar and then everything just stops. The CD stops spinning, no disk activity, just a black screen.

    Asus A6 (WinXP Home) Inter Celeron M CPU1.87 GHz 1.5 GB Ram ATI RADEAON XPRESS 200M Series

I checked the MD5 checksum after I burned the CD. It's first time I tried to install Ubuntu and I've never worked with Linux, so any help would be very welcome, thanks. :)

    Edit: I tried Kubuntu aswell, same result.. It says "Uncompression Linux.. Ok, booting the kernel." and then it just stops. I also tried the alternate CD. Pressing Alt+F4 shows nothing.


Hey.Perhaps its the framebuffer where its failing.Try booting it with alternate settings like:remove the quiet option and add fb=false debian-installer/framebuffer=falseRegardsMatthew


Hi Matthew, thanks for replying. How do I change these settings? This is really new for me, I don't have a clue. I'll try to look it up but if you could give me some directions.. Thanks! Edit: someone explained to me how to change the settings, at least I get some output now but it still doesn't boot. This is what I see: It's Greek to me. :)

that seems a bug in the boot loader

If you want fix temporaly just follow summary you need to press f6 once the install option is hilighned and then:- Remove the word quiet at the end, and change splash to nosplash-add noapic irqpoll noirqdebug- press enterI still dont know how to fix it permanently.