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Ubuntu 9.10 32/64bit and Nvidia Driver on HP Pavilion with 8400M

I've just installed my laptop with a fresh Ubuntu 9.10. I've tried both 32bit and 64bit.

Just after the install, i log in, take a system update (about 120Mb), and reboot. Then i go system -> Administration -> Hardware Drivers, and install the Nvidia driver package. I've tried both the 173/185, and I've also downloaded and installed the newest 190 driver from the Nvidia site.

The problem with the 173 is that i get the log on sound, but Zero image. I get the terminal if i go ALT+CTRL+F1, no problem.

185 - I get the log on sound, and a torn image with white stripes. Nothing that i can watch and do something with, but just a fuzzy screen. I get the terminal, no problem.

190 - Same as the 185.

I've clean installed 6 times now, and it will not work. The only way to get the system ut again is to enter /etc/X11/xorg.conf and switch the driver from "nvidia" to "nv".

any ideas? I really want my 3d and my visual effects :)

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