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Useful Ubuntu Linux Tips

My interest in linux first sprouted when I was a junior student. I used to play with RedHat 7 then, mostly CLI. After a few years of professional experience in different windows, I resumed my journey in linux during my master’s program in 2009, in fact, after my xp box got infected by virus. Since then, I have been using Ubuntu 8, 9 and 10 (Lucid Lynx, aka L linux). When I was using windows before, I would always like to have my own customized theme and settings which constantly drove me to follow even after using ... more on this link-


Ubuntu Package Install : deb sh bin tar.gz

I recently installed ubuntu on my machine which already had vista. After installing, I had to install several other softwares on ubuntu to get my work done. And the softwares were of different formats like deb, bin ...
for which I had to google every time. On this blog, I have tried to accumulate those different methods.

sudo dpkg -i package_name.deb [ to install]

run ./file_name.sh

chmod a+x file_name.bin
sudo ./file_name.bin


first uncompress and then after getting in the folder , run these commands
make install

make unistall [if u wanna uninstall]

Hope this should help them who are puzzled in installing different packages.

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