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Firefox 1.5 locally on my Ubuntu 5.10

Good night from France,
i'm using the Firefox 1.5 i've just installed manually in my /usr/local/ directory hierarchy because i have not found it yet as package for the latest stable ubuntu.
First, you need to download the firefox archive file on Get Firefox
After downloading the needed file, it was very simple because it's just a matter of executing only 3 commands :

tar -xzvf firefox-1.5.tar.gz
sudo mv firefox /usr/local/
sudo ln -s ../firefox/firefox /usr/local/bin/

That's all folks !
Because /usr/local/bin is before /usr/bin in the default user PATH shell variable you don't have to modify your default firefox icon on the gnome launch toolbar. The default firefox launching shortcut points to the "firefox" command so it will the "/usr/local/bin/firefox" before the packaged "/usr/bin/firefox" command.
Have an happy new year and happy using of you newly locally installed Firefoxof the next generation than 1.0

DELL Inspiron 9300

I would like to report that Ubuntu 5.10 works better out of the box on my DELL Inspiron 9300 than Mandriva 2006 PowerPack i've downloaded on the Mandriva Club.
I've seen there are differents 9300 models, mine is a Centrino with an ATI Mobility Radeon X300 ad 1GB of RAM.
I was very happy to see that everything works without configuring anything :)
Have a nice day,

New derivatives from Ubuntu original

i'm still alive even if i've not posted here but i'm happy to have read early comments to my first blog entry so I take time now to post some news about my Ubuntu projects.

I've not yet the need for aMule so i've not tried it yet and that's not on my priorities.

I'm still working on modeling an Ubuntu Server fresh install to include groupware support given by the eGroupWare suite and would like to know if anybody know about a Ubuntu Groupware Server derivative from the new Ubuntu Server version because I would like to propose an Install CD which can install only by using the files available on the CD a complete groupware server using Ubuntu for the OS and eGroupware for the groupware suite.
If anybody is already interested by this type of project or have URLs about this type of project, please just comment below to get in touch with me.

My first entry here

Hello everybody from France,
i've discovered this site by searching on Google for Ubuntu blogs because i wanted to write a blog dedicated to my Ubuntu experience with desktops and notebooks but also with servers. It's on this site i've discovered the new Server version of Ubuntu and i'm currently doing my tests and futures demos with this new version on VIA Mini-ITX PC with a slim case to show it as a slim server.
I will try to maintain her on my blog a log of what actions i've tried with my Ubuntu servers but also with my Ubuntu desktops.
This weekend, i will try the Ubuntu version of eMule which i think is aMule.
The next week, i have to show how to synchronize Outlook and web calendars using eGroupware on an Ubuntu central server, a PocketPC and notebook.
So i will write more during the next days.

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