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Workgroup Ubuntu 7.10 Tribe 6 and beyond

What is the procedure to set up a workgroup for networking using Ubuntu 7.10 latest updates daily?

Appreciate any help.

CUPS Server Error Version 7.10 Tribe 5

I am trying to install a new printer with ubuntu 7.04 using System>Administartion>Printing and clicked 'New Printer' which has started the 'Add new printer' wizard and get the msg "CUPS Server Error" and it does not add anything.The printer is the HP-Photosmart 3100Thanks


Where can i find a list of SATA hard and optical drives that are compable with ubuntu 7.04?

Optical Mouse not working

When i loaded 7.04 my optical mouse does not work. No even a light shows on the mouse. Is there a solution to fixing the mouse problem? Should various mouse setups not come standard with Ubuntu?


 What book will teach me 7.04 stuff?Thanks


I got my free 7.04 cd in the mail saturday, and I bought a $30 'puter from goodwill. i got the net up on this using linux. I am still learning and installing stuff. Much cheaper than an MS machine with Vista.

Thanks Ubuntu!

New to Ubuntux

Is there an equipment list for Ubuntux? Or is it pretty much standard?


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