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FIX the Hardy Flash Crash!

I have been tinkering for ages, and I *finally* managed to get flash with sound to play without randomly crashing. Details are here at my blog! http://mikesubuntu.blogspot.com/2008/08/how-to-fix-flash-crash-in-hardy....

How to: Install Songbird 0.3 Release Candidate

How to: Install Songbird 0.3 Release Candidate

  • Here are some commands to get and run the latest songbird release candidate:
  • now you can run songbird from the terminal or alt+f2 with
  • songbird

Mike's Ubuntu Blog: How to: set up MySQL Database in Amarok

I found myself complaining about the slow speed of Amarok. Everything would lag, from playing a song to adding a song to the playlist. Then i remembered when I was setting up Amarok that it let me chose a database, and said the faster ones required extra set up. Of course, I chose the no set up required but slow speed option (SQLlite).Now, I wanted to switch. And boy am i glad. Everything works as fast as it should.

  • sudo apt-get install mysql-server mysql-client

How to: install ipodlinux on your ipod

This is a basic summary of my Original Article on my blog http://mikesubuntu.blogspot.com/ here is a how to install ipodlinux on your ipod. Winpod only. All models except 1G, 2G and nano 2G. I made this based off of this guide. Make sure your ipod is plugged in for all this:

Follow the on screen instructions. To restore if something goes wrong, run

  • ./installer.sh restore

I had a problem installing on my machine, one that I have never gotten before. Here are details and my solution, in case you run into the same

ipod vs Ubuntu: The Struggle for Perfect Synchronization

I have been struggling to get my ipod to work properly in ubuntu for the past couple of weeks... here are some useful applications, with their pros and cons.

  • Songbird
    • Pro: Full ipod sync including entire media library and all playlists with two clicks click (rickt click on ipod, click on update ipod)
    • Con: Buggy program, still under high development. Takes up high amounts of memory. Does not work with gnome sound keyboard shortcuts.
    • The Bottom Line: Songbird is good for the full sync of my ipod.. but not stable enough to be my desktop media player yet.
  • Rhythmbox
    • Pro: Simple, lightweight media player. Can sync individual songs to ipod.
    • Con: Sync only what songs you drag onto ipod, no option to just sync the whole library.
    • The Bottom Line: Before I got an ipod, rhythmbox was great for my desktop media player. Now that I need synchronization with an ipod, I have to look for a more advanced program.
  • Amarok
    • Pro: Can sync entire library and playlists, but each has to be set up individually. Good Player in general. Apparently sync's ipod's play counts to last.fm. (I will have to test this later). Searches and Finds Album Art! I forgot the ipod could display album art until now! Woo! This is the only media player I have found that easily finds your album art, and sync's it all to the ipod for every album.
    • Con: Not a light program like rhythmbox. A little tricky to set up mp3 playback, had to search the forums and then run "sudo apt-get install libxine1-ffmpeg libxine-extracodecs", a little tricky to set up the ipod and ipod sync, and a few bugs in the program in general. (I had to force quit a few times)
    • The Bottom Line: Amarok seems to be the perfect balance for me, and that is why it is my media player of choice at the moment. It scrobbles to last.fm, manages my music library, and sync's it all to my ipod video.
  • Gtkpod
    • Pro: Made just for the ipod. If installed with automatix, can transfer video to the ipod as well. Checks checksum as well, and cleans up the ipod in general.
    • Con: Not integrated with a media player, so playlist creation is a chore.
    • The Bottom Line: Solid for use with just the ipod, and as far as I know necessary to sync videos, but not a media player I can use.
  • Banshee
    • Pro: Pretty easy to use and would sync my ipod.
    • Con: Would not sync playlists to ipod.
    • The Bottom Line: Good as a media player and good as an ipod sync tool, but nothing special.
  • The Winner
    • The player that works best for me is amarok! With a little tweaking, I got the ipod sync results I wanted, along with a nice media player.



On a fresh install of Ubuntu, I find myself needing more packages for various things... here is an ongoing list of the packages I install. Just copy and paste this into the terminal to install them.

  1. sudo apt-get install epiphany-browser subversion build-essential checkgmail nautilus-open-terminal ruby compizconfig-settings-manager flashplugin-nonfree
  • epiphany-browser I install as an alternative to firefox. although firefox is great, its nice to be able to open another browser without all my saved passwords, add ons, andother things that could slow me down.
  • subversion is for acquiring source code for those beta apps I feel I have to try before binaries are availible.
  • build-essential is for compiling that source code
  • checkgmail a nice little app that checks my gmail account and pops up when I get a new message
  • nautilus-open-terminal adds a useful little 'open terminal' option when I right click in a folder. This saves me alot of time from cd'ing around my computer.
  • ruby is needed for many scripts, most important for me my ipod_lastfm_bridge script.
  • compizconfig-settings-manager installs the settings for compiz-fusion, because I often forget it (and it is not installed by default in gutsy)
  • flashplugin-nonfree sets up my flash player for firefox and epiphany real quick.. so I don't have to download anything manually


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