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1 year 3 weeks later?

Yes that is how it has been since my first post here on Ubuntux. Yes I'm still using Ubuntu Linux and just plan LOVE IT! Also being that I have learned and understand it so much more since my first post. Right now I'm currently using Ubuntu Linux on a Gateway computer and just enjoy the Compiz and the Cubes! Looks awesome and runs great on my Gateway. I had used Windows recently and especially because there was a lot of game titles I wanted to play. But being that I wanted to learn more and more about Linux I got some of my games running which more importantly. World of Warcraft which was very important. So it has been great to see that my Login still works. Very surprise I still remember it. But anyways! I just wanted to welcome myself back!Talk to you later!

Introduce Myself

Hello everyone, Just wanted to post my first blog and introduce myself to everyone here. My name is Eric and I'm from Newport News, Virginia USA. I finally got the cuts to move into the Linux world and join the great helpful community. A quick background of myself is I have been touching on a keyboard since I have been 7 years old which was a old Epson computer, LOL Also I was a great Windows Fan in my begining days and thought Windows was the greatest operating system ever. Until I started to grow up and do more on a computer I came realize that Windows was not. So I've seen in first hand Linux at work and one day I decided to put in Red Hat Linux with no idea what it was or anything. All I knew was I could download it for free and it was Operating System. Well I did'nt enjoy it not because Linux Stink to me, Just because I was not ready. So I continue to use Windows and then I got very frustrated and then I decided to start look else where for a Operating System that I could enjoy using and not have to worry about all these crazy things that Windows gave me from Virus to BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH!!!  So I finally made a move to Apple OS and now I really enjoyed this operating system very stable and great and all I could say is I learned alot from this Operating System. So now I meet a couple of people in the forums and they told me about Ubuntu Linux, now being my past experience with Linux which was years ago. So I looked into it and finally had them send me some discs but my for Mac Mini. Now not to long ago about 4 days now, I have been running Ubuntu Linux and so far I'm loving it! Great to use the community is great and I'm really enjoying myself with this Operating System. It is amazing how big Linux has grown and how everyone and the communities out there have been into Ubuntu Linux and are enjoying it as well.

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