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Ubuntu-like names

Ubuntu has a history of semi-weird codenames for their releases (Warty Warthog, Hoary Hedgehog, Breezy Badger, Dapper Drake). The people in #ubuntu-offtopic on IRC regularly make parodies on these names. Their brainfarts are collected at

There are some really funny ones, like Horrible Hippopotamus, Nutritious Nightingale, or Spastic Swan.

Feel free to add more on that list if you know some more Ubuntu-like names.

Official Ubuntux IRC channel founded

Hi there,

now we have an official Ubuntux channel. It's at Freenode (servername: Everyone who wants to get involved may join.

For the beginning we need graphical artists (for banners etc.), bloggers (writing about their experiences, news, tips'n'tricks, etc.), forum posters (howtos, everything what Ubuntu beginners could want to know). See you @ IRC :)

Ubuntu wins Linux Journal Reader's Choice Award

London 18th October 2005: The popular Ubuntu operating system is moving from strength to strength, winning awards across the globe for the best Linux distribution. This time, it's the readers of the Linux Journal who have chosen Ubuntu as their favourite.

In the November edition of the Linux Journal, Ubuntu beat the more established distributions in this year's Reader's Choice awards.

In the Linux Journal review, Steve Hastings wrote that "Ubuntu Linux is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to run Linux on a desktop system. It's easy to install and to administer. Everyone from beginners to experts can use and appreciate it. And it's free"

Canonical Ltd is again extremely proud that within a year of launching Ubuntu, it is the favourite Linux for so many people. Combining stability with the latest versions of desktops and applications, Ubuntu continues to grow its user base by being the most flexible and most appealing Linux environment for both end users and servers.

Experiences with Ubuntu 5.10

Since 3 days I'm using Ubuntu 5.10 nonstop now. The installation was easy without any problems. All hardware components on my laptop have been detected successfully.

The improvements to Ubuntu 5.04 make sense and are very useful. The look'n'feel generally is a little bit better, even though I still don't like the standard brown wallpaper.

I tried other brandnew distributions like SUSE 10.0 as well. But no distribution is as fast as Ubuntu 5.10 and has a comparable concept. I don't want to miss the apt thing with Synaptic, for example.

One thing that bothers me, is that Nautilus has no command line, where I can enter a path manually (like the KDE Konqueror). Is there a solution for that?

Ubuntu 5.10 DVD Covers

You can download Ubuntu 5.10 DVD Covers here:

Just print them out and put it together with your Ubuntu CD/DVD in an empty DVD case.

Ubuntu 5.10 preview

Yesterday I installed the Ubuntu 5.10 preview. Runs perfectly, just like 5.04 did :)
Gerenally said it looks a little bit better now, and there are lots of new program versions. And of course Gnome 2.12. Please leave a comment, what experiences you made with the preview.

Another question:
will Ubuntu 5.10 be released on 13th October? Or what is the exact release date for the final version?

Interesting Ubuntu bookmarks, one of the biggest websites offering social bookmarking, has a tag for ubuntu.
That means by surfing to you can see Ubuntu related bookmarks, which have been set by other people. There can always be found something interesting, so it's worth having a look.

Ubuntu 5.10 Beta 3 released!

The Ubuntu developer just released the third beta named Colony 3 of the upcoming Ubuntu version 2005.10 Breezy Badger. It can be downloaded as live or installer-CD from their website. New are some new eyecandies (e.g. a graphical boot screen) and improved Bluetooth- and notebook-support. Breezy Badger will be released on the 13th of October. You can look at some screenshots at

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