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Ubuntu 10.10 is out! Get it now!

You can download the brand-new Ubuntu 10.10 „Maverick Meerkat“ here:

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) is out now!

Finally Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) is out!!

You can download it here: http://releases.ubuntu.com/releases/10.04/

Ubuntu 10.04 is coming!

Definitely no spam!

Hello together!

In the last days an individual user tried to spam ubuntux.org several times. Maybe you have seen this advertising posts on the front page. Of course we deleted this unwanted spam as soon as possible.

We like to inform this user that he should immediately stop this behaviour otherwise we will initiate the necessary consequences.

Additionally I want to ask all the users of ubuntux.org for help: please inform me as soon as you see spam or unwanted advertising at this website. The postings will be deleted, the user blocked and the corresponding provider informed about the spam activities on the logged IP address.

Thank you in advance for your help!

The Admin of ubuntux.org

Relaunch of Ubuntux.org

Hi there!

We just relaunched your favourite website - Ubuntux.org! Hopefully you find the new modern design in the same way refreshing like we do. Additionally you will be able to find some new features within the community.


Please let me know if you still find some issues on this website. We will try to fix them immediately. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible Ubuntu community - and you are part of it!

Kind regards
The Ubuntux.org team

Ubuntu 8.04 alias "Hardy Heron" is out now!!

You can download it directly from here: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/download

There is available the Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Desktop Edition, which is supported to 2011
and the Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Server Edition, which is supported to 2013.

Please choose between the 32 bit and the 64bit (AMD and Intel computers) edition.

Have fun! ;)

Ubuntux reaches 2 years of age today!

Today, August 2nd, Ubuntux.org reached 2 years of age! Happy Birthday to our community!

Please tell me your experiences with Ubuntux.org. Especially I'm interested what could be improved. Soon I want to do some changes to this website and therefore I urgently need your input and help.

Therefore our community needs a lot of help. You're a talented designer? You want to become a moderator in our forums? You regularly want to write some Ubuntu articles or tutorials? You want to publish your best Ubuntu tips and tricks?

Let's work together to improve our community and make it even better and more useful to everyone. The more unique Ubuntu content we have, the better the experience will be! If you're interested to help our Ubuntux community please contact me.

Best regards,
Friedrich [site admin]

Ubuntu for Non-Geeks, 2nd Edition: A Pain-Free, Project-Based, Get-Things-Done Guidebook

Recently I read the book "Ubuntu for Non-Geeks, 2nd Edition: A Pain-Free, Project-Based, Get-Things-Done Guidebook" from Rickford Grant.

Rickford Grant's approach to teaching Linux in this book is user-friendliness. Rest assured, you will have a most understanding, patient, and genial guide as you embark upon this Linux adventure.

Full of tips, tricks, and helpful pointers, the book is a hands-on, project-based, take-it-slow guidebook intended for those interested in - but nervous about - switching to the Linux operating system. Step-by-step projects build upon earlier tutorial concepts, helping you absorb and apply what you've learned.

Ubuntu Linux for Non-Geeks covers all the topics likely to be of interest to an average desktop user. Inside, you'll learn to:
* Download and install free applications, games, and utilities
* Connect to the Internet and wireless networks
* Configure your hardware, including printers, scanners, and removable storage devices
* Watch DVDs, listen to music, and even sync your iPod
* Download photos and videos from your digital camera, then edit and share them
* Tackle more advanced tasks as soon as you're ready

Whether you're new to computers, looking for a painfree way to make the Linux switch, or just want a low-cost alternative to Windows, Ubuntu is for you. The book from Rickford Grant explains tech concepts in an inviting and effective style - less like an instructor and more like an easygoing friend who doesn't mind answering your questions. It is the perfect companion to your Ubuntu Linux adventures. Full recommendation from me.

Merry Christmas

Ubuntux wishes you Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

New moderator

Hello together,

Ubuntux.org has just nominated joe84maiden as the first moderator on this site. Congratulations to him! Hopefully we hear a lot of our new moderator in the future :-) Good luck!

The Ubuntux.org Admin-Team

Ubuntux.org has become 1 year of age!

Since yesterday, August 2nd, Ubuntux.org has become 1 year of age! Happy Birthday!

We still need some helping hands to build up this community (moderators, writers of tutorials, and so on). Please let me know, if you are interested.

New preview of Ubuntu 6.06 (Dapper Drake) released

The developer of Ubuntu have released a new preview of Dapper Drake. It contains GNOME 2.14 and KDE 3.5.2 and the installer of the Live-CD now also works on PowerPCs. Kubuntu gets a new user-friendly packet management system called "adept_install" and the standard theme has slightly been reworked.

The Flight-CD 6 of Ubuntu 6.06 alias Dapper Drake including Live-CD and Ubuntu Server can be downloaded at http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/flight6. The derivatives Kubuntu and Edubuntu can also be downloaded there in this new test version.

New Ubuntu Book available

This is the first book of its kind to cover the hottest new Linux distribution, and will teach you how to make the most of your Ubuntu desktop. First, the book introduces you to the world of Linux and the open source community, and then outlines Ubuntu installation and configuration in detail. You'll learn how to wield control over your newly installed operating system. Then you'll learn about system customization opportunities and fun tasks like listening to audio CDs and MP3s, viewing movies, performing office and Internet-related tasks, and maintaining your Ubuntu system in general.

The book comes with a CD containing the complete Ubuntu distribution. You are encouraged to take full advantage of this powerful operating system by inserting the disk into the drive, and then following closely along with the supplementary material.
The book is called Beginning Ubuntu Linux: From Novice to Professional and will officially be released on March 20, 2006. But it can already be ordered on the Amazon website, shipping within 24 hours.

3rd preview of Ubuntu 6.04 (Dapper Drake) released

The Ubuntu developer have released a new preview of the upcoming version "Dapper Drake". It fixes bugs and brings some new components.

It still uses kernel 2.6.15 and brings the new modular X.Org 7.0. Besides the new functions this new version brings, the modularity brings some positive aspects to updating X.Org. In future there is no need to download the whole X-Window-System any more, but only parts of it which leads to smaller file sizes of updates.

The third preview called "Flight CD 3" contains the current GNOME developing version 2.13.4, which has been customized optically to the Ubuntu look. You'll find revised menus, a brand-new logoff screen and improved update notifications. A small icon in the systray informs you about a required reboot after having installed major updates.

The installer has become even quicker and supports network cards, which require a firmware image. If installing on a USB stick GRUB and the kickstart support work correctly again.

By using Squashfs and Unionfs the Live-CD is smaller and quicker and from now on only the Launchpad.net project will be used for reporting bugs in the distribution.

The Flight CD 3 for Ubuntu 6.10 can be downloaded from the official website, a Flight CD 3 for Kubuntu 6.10 and a Flight CD 3 for Edubuntu 6.10 is also available. Ubuntu 6.04 is going to be released in April 2006 as final version.

nUbuntu: new Ubuntu derivative focused on security testings

nUbuntu or Network Ubuntu is a project to take the existing Ubuntu distribution and remaster it as a LiveCD and Full Install with tools needed for penetrating testing servers and networks. The main idea is to keep Ubuntu's ease of use and mix it with the popular penetrating testing tools used by penetrating testers. Besides usage for network and server testing, nUbuntu will be made to be a desktop distribution for advanced linux users.

The nUbuntu stable release is now online and can be downloaded from the project homepage. Along with removing unnecessary packages, the menu structure has been reorganized for ease of use.

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