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Hi there,

surely some of you have tried Ubuntu. We have users on this site who are very new to Linux and also users who have used Linux for more than 5 years. It doesn't matter how much Linux experience you have, you're hear to learn and to get help. Or maybe you want to find out the lastest news about Ubuntu.

Remember: You can create yourself a user and have your own blog on this site. This enables you to write your experiences, get feedback and maybe even find some new friends. Your blog will surely be read hundreds of times! You will even get promoted to the front page. There's no nicer way to learn Linux and specifically Ubuntu.

I'm looking forward to have some postings of you online soon :)

Ubuntu 5.10 screenshots online

Do you want to have a look at the brandnew Ubuntu 5.10? Please have a look at our screenshot section.

If you have a nice Ubuntu desktop, you might want to upload screenshots there as well.

Ubuntu 5.10 is finally out!

There are installation CDs, live CDs, and combination DVDs for three architectures.

You can download Ubuntu 5.10 here: http://www.ubuntu.com/newsitems/release510
The DVD images are available here (BitTorrent only): http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/5.10/release/

The major new features are:

* Thin Client Integration: Ubuntu is the first distribution in the world to include deeply-integrated thin client technology. This allows you to deploy Ubuntu in large scale networked environments or, for example, in classrooms, with a lightweight Ubuntu image booting over the network. All Ubuntu management tools work for the thin client image as well as for the server.

Ubuntux wallpaper

some Ubuntux artwork on a french site: http://www.tatane.com/index.php/ubuntux-ubuntu-artwork

Thanks for that! Although I'm not sure the author knows this site :)

The first submitted Ubuntu bug

please have a look at Launchpad.

Bug #1 in upstream ubuntu: "Microsoft has a majority market share" and there's a neat description to fix it :)

Ubuntu 5.10 release date is out

Ubuntu 5.10 will be released on October, 13th. In exactly one week :)

Today also the release candidate (RC) came out and can be downloaded on the Ubuntu website or via BitTorrent. The supported plattforms are x86, AMD64 and PowerPC. This is definitely the last version before the final version.

Take care: the CD images are bigger than 650 MB, so you should use at least 700 MB CD-Rs.

There can still be ordered CDs for the final version for free, see http://www.ubuntux.org/node/92.

Ubuntu 5.10 CDs for free

The final version of Ubuntu 5.10 is expected to be released in October. At that time, Canonical will mail pressed CDs free of charge. To receive a complimentary copy of the Official Breezy Badger CD -- or a handful of them to give to your friends, your school or LUG -- place your request at http://shipit.ubuntu.com/. Remember that these CDs won't ship until after the final release in October.

Education through Edubuntu

"Edubuntu is a version of the Ubuntu operating system suitable for classroom use. As an educator you'll be able to set up a computer lab, or establish an online learning environment, in an hour or less -- then administer that environment without having to become a fully-fledged Linux geek." That's what the official website says about Edubuntu.

If you're interested, please have a look at an interesting review about it on Tuxmachines.

Screenshots of Ubuntu 5.10 preview

We offer some screenshots of Ubuntu 5.10 preview in our image gallery.

The preview looks similar to Ubuntu 5.04, the changes are mainly not optical. But there are lots of new programs and program versions, so the new version will surely be very attractive.

Someone already tested Ubuntu 5.10 (Colony CD 4)?

Hi there,

I heard a lot of positive things about the upcoming Ubuntu version 5.10 (expected to be released in October), but I never tested it personally. Does someone already run the newest beta of Ubuntu 5.10? What experiences have you made? What is different?

It would be very interesting for many people from all over the world, if someone could describe his/her experiences on this site (just create a new user, log in and run your own blog). Thank you! :)

Learning the shell

You have your Ubuntu up and running. The GUI is working fine, but you are getting tired of changing your desktop themes. You keep seeing this "terminal" or "shell" thing, but you have no idea how to use this command line.

LinuxCommand.org is a Linux education and advocacy site devoted to helping users of legacy operating systems migrate to linux. Visit their site to learn some linux commands and how to handle the shell.

Ubuntu Linux Review of the Linux-magazine

I found an interesting review about Ubuntu of the Linux-magazine. It was published a view month ago but is still valid. So if you want to find out more about the advantages of Ubuntu Linux, check this PDF out:

Ubuntu rulez

Hi there,

as I first installed Ubuntu I found it very interesting. It was the first Linux system which worked flawlessly. Not only it supported all my notebook hardware, but it also had a easy-to-use graphical interface based on Gnome. The version with KDE is called Kubuntu and is similiar to use. The next best thing is, Ubuntu is based on Debian. That means it supports apt-get and Debian packages, which is very useful. Details about that can be found on this site. I created this site because I want to help other people with Ubuntu Linux and maybe get new knowledge in return. Hope you support this site and see you soon.


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