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How To Downgrade To Firefox 2 In Ubuntu Hardy

Firefox in Ubuntu Hardy is a love-hate thing; many people love the Firefox 3.0b that comes default in the distro, while others feel that the beta version is just not ready yet.  While both sides make valid points to support their argument, I have to side with the latter. Firefox 3.0b does not have anywhere near the available themes and addons available as its predecessor, and that along with a minor issue with flash caused me to "downgrade" to Firefox 2.  If you're wondering how to downgrade your Firefox browser to an earlier version in Ubuntu, here's how: First of all, open up Synaptic and check the following for removal: firefox-3.0 firefox-3.0-gnome-support and firefox-dev.  Then check the following packages for installation: firefox-2 and firefox-2-gnome-support.  Doing this will remove the default version of Firefox in Ubuntu and install the older version. There is just one more thing you will need to do, and that is to remove your former Firefox profile.  If you do not remove this profile, you will be unable to install any addons or themes.  The command line proves fastest to accomplish this.  Just enter the following command to remove the residual profile:

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