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Google brings its own Ubuntu derivative

Google is preparing its own distribution of Linux for the desktop, in a possible bid to take on Microsoft in its core business - desktop software.

A version of the increasingly popular Ubuntu desktop Linux distribution, based on Debian and the Gnome desktop, it is known internally as 'Goobuntu'.

Google has confirmed it is working on a desktop linux project called Goobuntu, but declined to supply further details, including what the project is for.

You can find the full article on

shipping of Ubuntu 5.10 CDs

I ordered Ubuntu 5.10 CDs maybe two weeks ago. Now I logged in again (under to see the status and there is no entry under "Previous requests you made".

Does that mean the CDs are already on its way or is my request lost and therefore I'll have to request the CDs again?

Ubuntu 5.10: problem with installation

My Acer Travelmate 291LMi always has troubles with the graphics under Linux (at least when first installing). As I bootet Ubuntu 5.10, the graphical welcome screen within GRUB was not visible. When I continued the installation with ENTER, the screen went black forever.

Then I tried the boot parameter "linux vga=771". With that it works just fine, as with most Linux distributions. Maybe you have the same problem under some notebooks and it helps you.

Easter eggs in apt-get and aptitude

There are some nice easter eggs in apt-get and aptitude.


1. sudo apt-get moo


2. sudo aptitude moo

no easter eggs in this one? don't trust the message. try the parameter -v.
if the program still claims to have no easter egg inside, try the parameter twice. or even more than twice? you'll find out :)

iPod nano support?

I have the new (great!) iPod nano. The iPod and iPod mini are being supported by amaroK, but the nano doesn't seem to be supported yet (because it is brandnew). At least, I don't know how to handle it in amaroK 1.3. Does anyone know how to use the iPod nano with Ubuntu?

Official previews of Ubuntu 5.10 and Kubuntu 5.10 released

The developers of Ubuntu have released an official preview of Ubuntu 5.10, codename "Breezy Badger", and the KDE-based Kubuntu 5.10. They are avalaible as install and live CDs for the x86, AMD64 and PowerPC plattforms.

The Ubuntu 5.10 preview already contains the shortly released Gnome version 2.12, Beta 2 and in version 6.8.2. The kernel is Linux, which has been enhanced with drivers for notebook users.

Now there is PHP5 on board and the cluster filesystems OCFS2 (Oracle) and GFS (Red Hat) and the support for up to 4GB RAM on 32bit systems. The distribution is based on GCC 4.0.1.

Gnome 2.12 is out!

more information on the official website. also check the release notes or follow this link for a detailled listing of all the new features (really interesting ones!). Can't wait to try it out...

And I'm sure it will be delivered with the upcoming Ubuntu 5.10 :)

Ubuntu 5.10 (Breezy Badger) Colony-CD 4 released!

Yesterday the probably last Ubuntu beta version for Breezy Badger has been released. It can be downloaded on

After that the official preview version will follow. The final version is expected to be released in October.

The Colony-CD 4 is aimed at developers and offers just small improvements on points like the Live-CD, the bootloader GRUB and the apt-configuration.

Ubuntu will soon play Windows Media files (WMV9)

A Norwegian programmer called Jon Johansen, also knows as DVD Jon, has developed a tool for removing some encoding surrounding the Windows Media Player, in order to give open-source media players a chance to access the streams.
Therefore it will soon be possible to play Windows Media (WMV9) files with the VideoLAN Client (VLC). Here's a
instruction for compiling VLC with VC-1 (WMV9) support (especially for Ubuntu Breezy) by Jon Johansen. For further information check the ZDnet news site.

new Ubuntu wallpapers

I've found some nice Ubuntu wallpapers in 1600x1200

Wallpaper 1
Wallpaper 2
Wallpaper 3
Wallpaper 4

some more

Windows XP user switched to Ubuntu

Hi fellows,

I've done it. Yesterday I fully switched to Ubuntu (the new public beta version 5.10 Colony 3)! I tried it several times with the bootable Live-CD and was so excited, that i decided to install it on my harddisk. First of all I made some new partitions, one for tmp (1GB), one for home (140GB) and one for the rest (20GB). By seperating /home on a extra partition I have some possibilities like encrypting my personal data without touching the operating system, and when upgrading or re-installing Ubuntu my personal data in home stays untouched as well. In the future I want to inform you in my blog about experiences made with Ubuntu, maybe problems, maybe even new exciting possibilities that I hadn't with Windows XP before. As a RSS feed is offered on this site, you can subscribe to this blog by clicking on the orange RSS logo (in most browsers on the right bottom corner). Then every new entry will be published in your internal RSS reader or bookmarks manager. But there are also external programs like RSS Bandit for Windows or Syndigator and Liferea for Gnome. KDE brings its own RSS reader aKregator.

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