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Remaster ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala with remastersys

Customising ubuntu LiveCD with our own flavors is a dream of ever ubuntu user. Remastersys is the solution. Previously some there was some problem for remastering Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic koala). Karmic Koala is using Grub 2, remastersys is designed for grub 1. Now Remastersys is redesigned for ubuntu 9.10 with grub 2 and it is working. you need Remastersys version 2.0.13-1 or higher.All other options are just like previous versions
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unversal repository help help

how do i get to all this to do that step by step to turn on or off universal repository

Removing ubuntu

Can someone help me I will like to remove ubuntu from my laptop .How can I accomplish that?

how can i install Ubuntu9.10 in VM ware

I follow some steps to set up Ubuntu, but i set up until it asks me to reboot.. after that.. the black screen is on, requesting the my username and password.
Would you mind to help me to solve this problem?
please lead me how to get in the main Screen of ubuntu 9.10
i think it may need some command to get it there. and i am a new comer of Linux so that give me an easy construction

thanks everyone

Users and Groups management in Ubuntu

This is very simple tutorial to explain howto Add,Modify and Delete Users and Groups in Ubuntu (Using GUI)

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Networking help for dummies

I have a windows machine downstairs with a nifty laser printer atached, and I am upstairs on my ubuntu box sharing internet, but I don't know how to share the printer, or access my files on the windows machine.

Anyone have some time to walk me through it, or have any pointers? thanks

Aptlinex – Web browser addon to install Ubuntu packages with a click

Aptlinex addon allows installing ubuntu packages from iceweasel, firefox, galeon or konqueror just clicking on a web link. For this to work, links need to have an url beginning with apt:// This package does not install the packages or download them from the web sites, it just launches apt, passing the package name to install as a parameter to apt.

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Build Your Own Custom Ubuntu Live CD

You turn on your trusty old Linux box, and things are going well as you pass through the boot loader, until the disk check reveals that your hard drive partition table is corrupt, and you are unable to access your machine. You need a good rescue disk — and the best way to get one is to create your own.

Learn how to build your own custom ubuntu live CD.


Can anyone simply explain how to fix this problem? Step-by-step. Don't assume anything. I've read hundreds of threads and launchpad entries and could not find one that clearly and simply conveyed how to fix the problem. Maybe there is no solution, except using Windows to just burn cd's.

How to install vmware server 2.0.x in Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic)

VMware Server is a free virtualization product for Windows and Linux servers with enterprise-class support and VirtualCenter management. VMware Server is a robust yet easy to use server virtualization product and is based on proven virtualization technology, which has been used by thousands of customers for many years.This tutorial will explain how to install vmware server 2.0.x in Ubuntu 9.10

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Ordering Problem

I tried to shipp my copy of linux just now. but it says

Unexpected form data
Launchpad doesn't understand the form data submitted in this request.

What is this problem all about. Please somebody... HElp!!!

FREE online editon of Linux+ magazine

Hello Guys!

Just so you know the Team of Linux+ is going to release FREE online editon of Linux+ magazine. There will be 6 monthly issues with 60 pages each available for free download. They are looking for your support! Write to ewa.swierczewska@lpmagazine.org for more details if interested.


I'm a newbie - please help!!

i have a partitioned laptop; xp, win7,files+folders etc and a 'spare'. id heard about linux and ubuntu but knew nothing about them. when ubuntu 9.10 came out i downloaded it and burnt it to an iso, no problem. i started to install it on my spare partition. everything was going fine when i was presented with a list of options with \ext3 \ext4 and other things that made no sense to me. i had to spend ages re-surfing to find out what it was all about. finally i installed it on ext4 (i dont know if thats what i was supposed to do) and got it up and running. what was impressive was how really fast web pages came up on firefox. it seemed worth all the pain! but then as i was adding more software i just got fed up of constantly being asked for my password, even worse than uac in win7! i got fed up so i rebooted and expected to get back into windows. imagine my horror at finding xp and win7 gone! there was no boot loader menu, no windows option at all.

For compiling C++ programme in Ubuntu

I can compile and run C++ programme in Ubuntu Linux. Kindly sugest.

Howto Install Dropbox in Ubuntu 9.10(Karmic)/9.04(Jaunty)/8.10(Intrepid)/8.04(Hardy)

Dropbox is a storage application and service operated by Evenflow, Inc. The service enables users to store and sync files online and between computers.Dropbox has a cross-platform client (Linux for x86 and x86_64, Mac,Windows and the iPhone) that enables users to drop any file into a Dropbox folder that is then synced to the web and the users’ other computers with the Dropbox client. Files in the Dropbox folder may then be shared with other Dropbox users or accessed from the web. Users may also upload files manually through a web browser.

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