Can't find an interface to install a CDRW on this Ubuntu box I just got -- now do I actually have to learn how to use this thing?<ul><li>WINDOWS USER FINALLY COMES OVER, NEEDS A HAND</li><li>Everything has been pretty handy so far, and I've only used the terminal a little bit.  Mostly there are GUIs for what I have done.  I have found some wonderful software listed in the package manager and installed it and am using it.  But I just popped in a  used CDRW, and booted up, and can't find any easy way to tell the machine to install it.</li><li>Can somebody please get me started?</li><li>BTW, you have no idea how much I still don't know.  If you tell me to go to the terminal you pretty much have to speak baby-talk.</li><li>Say, no line breaks.  How's this forum work?  I think in paragraphs; it's hard to write here when the line breaks don't print.</li>        <li>There.  I put in some tabs.</li><li>No, still can't read it.  Oh hey, they let you have bullets.  Only way to get line breaks? No, still doesn't work. Hey you guys, I can't even operate this forum! How'm I going to learn Ubuntu?</li></ul>