Can't get online

I sell a few used computers and I think linux is great. but not usefull for the ignorant user, like me. I tried Mepis several months ago and it did everything but recognize soundcards.
I have tried Ubuntu 5.10 on two older systems and it is even greater, if I don't want to be online. It's 50 questions I don't know the answers to, static or DHCP, IP address, Subnet mask, Gateway address, Domain address, and don't know if there will be others to come.

network settings

The network settings are fully dependent on your local network. But in most cases DHCP will do. Then you won't need to specify any IP address, Subnet mask or Gateway address, because DHCP will do this job for you. DHCP = Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

by the way: my Ubuntu installation had this settings automatically. I just plugged in my LAN cable for Internet access and all worked fine.