Can't install because of partitioning or kernel (?)

Hi guys, I've already posted to the regular Ubuntu forums and nobody posts back to help, so I"m trying here.  I have a new Sony VAIO S660/B notebook, and I have tried Dapper, Breezy, and even Edgy Beta to no avail.  Dapper freezes at 15% of the installation and I have to hard reboot, Edgy's installation freezes as well, but doesn't lose keyboard and mouse response, and Breezy installs all the way until it reboots to finish configuring and I get *ata1: Bug: timeout without command*.I think its because I"m running a SATA hard drive, I've read a lot of troubles with SATA drives and Ubuntu for some reason.  I've read to use the "ata_piix" kernel module, but I"m unsure on how to use this while installing Linux, can someone help me and I'll try that?  I've already tried the "noapic" and "acpi=off" options at the end of the string when you hit F6 on install.  If someone could help me with this, or have any other suggestions, I would be greatly appreciative.  Thanks!


I've tried to install linux on an older VAIO, and dont know if your problem is the same as mine. The problem was that the CD-ROM drive was not supported, so it was only possible to start the installation not finish it.I solved it be dropping all the files from the installation CD on an external USB harddrive or another partition. Then when I booted from the CD it found the missing files on the other path and it succeeded.I tried this solution 2 days ago on a Dell Latitude X1 with the sam problem and it worked. Have fun :)