Can't read storage Drive in ubuntu

Need a little help new to ubuntu. Can't seem to figure out how to mount my storage drive to read and write from ?? Drive was formated in Fat32 Thanks


first, how many partitions do you have ?do you know its location on your hard drive ?if no, no problemto know type "sudo fdisk -l" in a terminal (command line interface like dos, you can find it in application-->system tools-->konsole)after typing "sudo fdisk -l" then enter, it will lists all partitions found as (/dev/hdxx) each is a partitionthe first letter after hd (a,b,c...) refer to hard number, if you have only one then all partitions begins with hdax the second x (a number) refer to partition number on that hard (from 1 to 4 are for primary partition, others for extended)and beside each partition its format (file system type) under column "System"now you know enough about your partitions, and now going to mount themyou only need to mount FAT32 and NTFS partitionslet's assume that you will mount the first partition on the first hard disk, its file must be /dev/hda1 , and you want it on a folder named myFAT on /media/there is two way i know,* if you want to mount them for once:1, creat a folder any where you want by typing "sudo mkdir /media/myFAT/", or simply right click in file manager then choose creat folder2, type "sudo mount /dev/hda1 /media/myFAT/"3, now it is mounted but the folder is owned by the root, to be able to read, write and execute files from that partition type "sudo chmod a+rwx /media/myFAT/" 4, to unmount it type"sudo umount /dev/hda1"*if you want it to auto mount your partitions every time ubunto boots: 1, the same of creating directory and the change mode to read write and execute from 1 and 3 2, you are about to edit a system file (/etc/fstab) then be cautious, firstly backup the file, copy it as another file :"sudo cp /etc/fstab /etc/fstab_firstbackup"3, open the file for editing (also as a root to modify it):"sudo gedit /etc/fstab"4, now write at the end of the file this line :"/dev/hdb1 /media/myFAT vfat defaults,umask=0000,iocharset=utf8 0 0"vfat for fat32 file system, you can replace it with ntfs for ntfs file system,umask=0000 for permission (in case of ntfs use 0222 as you can't write on it from linux (very unstable))iocharset=utf8 for unicode (as i am egyptian i confronted many problems for arabic file names in the begining) you can ignor it, it doesn't matter for onlu-english usersi don't know for what other symbols mean, then let them as they are5, repeat those steps for each partition, (new line for each partition in step 4 then enter), save fstab6, restart your system7, prepare your fire extinguishers :)

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sorry for this unformated texti tried all, but it looked better in the editting area, now on the prevew an post no line break appeari am not going to write anymore on this forumif my message hurt your eyes (like it did for me), just go to  this link, you may find useful helpsincluding your requested topic

Thanks Khaled_Khalil your

Thanks Khaled_Khalil your advice worked Excellent !!! Walt

only one hard drive shows

Only a single drive shows up when i try the above. I have an old 7GB drive with important data such as .xls, doc and quick books pro files, that i would like to bring them over to ubunto.  Should I install a distro that nativily supports ntfs or do more trouble shooting on ubunto?