CD-Rom: Drive appears confused HELP!!!!

Hi, i´m a newbie in Linux and i can´t install Ubuntu 6 cause when my system boots with the installation cd, after the screen that says Kernel ok, appears a message "cd-rom:drive appears confused" and the installation stops. What should i do?? Thanks in advance Diogo - Brazil

cd rom drive maybe

I have had a similar problem with older (5+ years) cd rom drives.Drive would read other cds but not install ubuntu. I just swap a newer drive for install then put old one back in. Our group rebuilds boxes forneedy  people and have used this method many times.

CD-ROM: Drive appears confused error.

I have the same problem.  I have tried installing Ubuntu 6.06 from both the DVD and Desktop CD.  My drive is an NEC 3500 DVD/CD drive.  Is this drive compatible with Ubuntu?  Any help appreciated.ThanksSteve - Canada