Combine .rar files using unrar

Download all parts rar to desired folder.
(cd /download/folder/)
(unrar e part01.rar)
of course, you must enter the correct filename.
You will only need to unrar the part01.rar.
Unrar will extract and combine all parts and write completed file to your /download/folder/.
If there are broken parts, unrar will not save the combined file.
In that case add the -kb switch.
(unrar e -kb part01.rar)
I clean up the folder using
(rm *.rar)


Additional notes

unrar is one of those linux applications that does not like blank spaces. I use krename to change spaces in the filename to underscores.

  1. Open krename
  2. select *.par files that you wish to rename.
  3. click on the filename tab.
  4. click on find and replace
  5. Enter a space in the find box and an underscore in the replace box
  6. click finish