Computer won't boot from Ubuntu disc.

I have a basic computer just sitting around that I was going to use for a server, or maybe for my little bro or somethin, anyways.. It's quite basic, onboard video card, 400W Powersupply, w/e.  The only problem is that the hard drive was fried, so I got a new hard drive for it, and tried booting it from the Ubuntu disc (which I know works because I used it to install onto my main pc).  It boots to the main menu with the options Start or Install, Start w/ safe graphics, etc (I'm sure you've all seen this screen).  I've tried the regular start, and the start w/ safe graphics, and both times it goes to a black screen with the message to the effect of "Buffer I/O error on device fd0 logical block 0.  Any ideas? Thanks for any help,The Don

If you Google

If you Google: Buffer I/O error on device fd0 logical block 0it will show various thingsFor example there has been a bug reported Bug #97306 in casper (Ubuntu)fd0 is the floppy drive. Is it enabled ot disabled in the BIOS?


I/O error means it's an Input/Output error, ie the PC can't communicate with the device. fd0 is the floppy drive. If you have a floppy drive, check the connections, and/or check the BIOS for your boot options and make sure boot from floppy is 3rd or 4th (hard drive, then CD ROM then USB if you want, then floppy), save and exit BIOS then try the disc again.

the floppy disc was

the floppy disc was disabled, and i also tried having it enabled and all hooked up, still no go.

Changing CDROM drive worked for me

I kept getting similar error messages when I tried to load from a disc I burned. More than one disc--I downloaded and burned 3 different Linux distribs. No luck. I thot I was going crazy.But after searching and searching, I came across an old posting somewhere that talked about how sensitive some of the Linux distribs could be to track layout on discs. I said "no, it couldn't be that simple!" (or stupid) a problem but I had nothing to lose, so changed out my older CD-ROM drive to a new SATA connected one, and Ubuntu (in my case Kubuntu) loaded immediately. I don't think you necessarily need a brand-new SATA optical drive (tho I bought a good simple Lite On one for $29 from Newegg), but you might try changing out the one you're using.