Connecting to internet with wireless adapter, help!!!

This is probably the most useless topic ever, but i just can't seem to connect to the internet. I am using a Netgear wg111v2 usb adapter, and used the windows driver with ndiswrapper( b.t.w., I blacklisted the conflicting driver r8187 ( alternate driver: r8187 ), but it still shows up, why?Anyway, it looks like it detects the adapter, but I don't know any application for configuring the network and internet.I'm new to Ubuntu 6.10.Used suse 10.2 previously, and made some progress, I was only stopped by conflicting drivers with ndiswrapper.I live in South Africa, and use telkom adsl, if that helps in any way.PLEASE I'M SO GATVOL!!!

If you are running Ubuntu

If you are running Ubuntu 6.anything, and using Gnome, run Synaptic (under System/Administration) and search for "wireless." I use "wireless assistant" and "Wi-Fi Radar" --- both seem to be good ways to configure and control several wi-fi connections.

i was wondering if anyone

i was wondering if anyone could help please.

I am currently using a wireless access point from my PC. My girlfriend has a laptop using a wireless adapter so she can use the internet from my PC.

The laptop seems to connect to the wireless network ok. because the two little computers at the bottom of the screen flash up and they say that they are connected wuith EXCELLENT signal. My PC connects to the internet fine.

The problem is that the laptop doesn't.

MSN reports it cannot connect. and IE does not open up webpages etc.

I click on troubleshoot in the MSN window, and it tests my connections. It stops on Default gateway and says "your gateway appears to be offline"

I have checked everything, i have disabled all of my firewalls, still nothing! The default gateway should be fine because i entered it manually!