Be part of the Ubuntu spirit!

You can participate in many ways in our Ubuntu community.

1. Communicate

You can communicate with other Ubuntu interested people. There are three different types:

  • forum topic
  • A forum is a threaded discussion, enabling you to communicate about a particular Ubuntu related topic.

  • image
  • An image (with thumbnail). This is ideal for publishing Ubuntu or Kubuntu screenshots or artworks.

  • personal blog entry
  • A blog is a regularly updated journal or diary made up of individual posts shown in reversed chronological order. A blog is tightly coupled to the author so each user will have his 'own' blog. All you need to do is sign-in. It's completely free. You can post your Ubuntu experiences in your blog or post Ubuntu related news. Every entry will show up on the front page and you will receive lots of feedback.

After login you can access these types by clicking on create content.

2. Link to Ubuntux

You can link from your homepage to this website. We offer some predefined buttons, you only need to include the HTML code into your blog or website. This helps us to involve even more people into our community and helps spreading Ubuntu all over the world!

Thanks for your support.
Let us experience the humanity feeling of Ubuntu and may the source be with you! :)