Converting Toshiba??

Hey linux users!I've been learning programming (C++) for about the last 6 months and plan to take computer science in uni which will be two years from now. On many of the sites I have been to people have said that if I want to expand my programming (as well as overall computer) knowledge I should get out of windows and move into Linux. I have an old Toshiba Satellite Pro 4200 series laptop that my uncle has stopped using so I thought that I would install the linux os on that. My problem is that I cannot seem to get windows 98 off the laptop. I have tried to go to the add/remove programs but there is no way to unistall it from there? What should I do. I have the cd from the most recent magazine, where they talk about being able to install linux on anything even a motorcylce? Surley we can get around this, I have a fully functional laptop but with no Internet. Any help that you can offer would be greatley apprieciated!Thank you,-Max


Hello Max.You don't need to look into W98. Just download the latest version of a Linux distribution like Ubuntu, Kubuntu or Xubuntu (or others). (preferably "Live CD"). Download it, burn the ISO image on a CD and put it in the laptop... thats it. you can see it workin witout installing anything.  you can choose to install from a icon in the demo desktop.I don't know how old you laptop is, but Ubuntu and Kubuntu needs some power. I would like to suggest trying Xubuntu first (a light flavor of ubuntu). the main diffrence between U-K-X is the desktop manager. Just ask in forums or google your questions, is amazing how much is already answered in the internet.You can always try another linux distro, but Ubuntu family has a nice balance between user friendlyness and available information.

Converting Toshiba??

Hi Max,
Your first port of call would be to try and boot from a "live CD" first. Ubuntu 8.10 is a good start point. You can download the ISO to another machine and burn it to a CD.

Using a Live CD first will give you an idea of what works and what doesn't "from the box" as it were. Ubuntu 9.04 is out now so you could try that.(Just upgraded from 8.10 on my Dell laptop, and it's working fine.)

I recently installed unbuntu 8.10 onto a Toshiba Equium 3300M (mini tower) with Pentium III, 768M Ram and 30Gb disk, running Windows 2k. I tried the live CD first and it found the network card and the Belkin Wireless dongle without isssue, and I could connect to the internet and perform what I wanted to do, okay.

When it came to installing it on this machine it could not have been easier. I booted from the Cd and told it to install unbuntu and use the whole disk and it blitzed windows for me. How liberating! The machine is now running ubuntu only, and runs faster that it ever did on Windows!

Hope this helps.