Hi,I've recently been tasked to set up CUPS and Kyota on an ubuntu based machine to manage our networked printers.  I am however a complete novice to linux (covered some real basic stuff like navigation etc in college...but that was nearly 10 years naturally I forget most of it).  I read some instructions, but none of the sites I can find put it in plain step-by-step English.  I gather I need to have SAMBA do I check that this is the case?  If it's not, how do i install it?  Many sites seem to explain things by mentioning more and more applications that i have no idea about.  Surely this can't be too much of a chore?Could anybody please point me in the direction of a useful guide for beginners, or please explain the steps from a fresh install of ubuntu to configuring CUPs?Thanks in advance for your time!Ian

Configuring cups-pdf

I use KDE under Ubuntu 7.10, kernel 2.6.22-14-generic, and I use my browser pointing to http://localhost:631 to configure my printers. No problems in configuring an HP LaserJet Printer. However, when I try to configure a "Virtual PDF printer" I do not find this category as a device choice, even though all sites I found mention it. I tried to use the system printing configuration tool and it did not work either. Any hints will be appreciated.