CUPS Server Error Version 7.10 Tribe 5

I am trying to install a new printer with ubuntu 7.04 using System>Administartion>Printing and clicked 'New Printer' which has started the 'Add new printer' wizard and get the msg "CUPS Server Error" and it does not add anything.The printer is the HP-Photosmart 3100Thanks


When i put localhost:631 and

When i put localhost:631 and see unix cups and press any key i get "404 not found.

If i have to pay 250 for

If i have to pay 250 for tech support for a printer, i might as well get a oopy of xp for under a 100 and forget the extra money and headaches....


I want to apologize the the printer group. Last night, Thursday, September 20, 2007, i was in the computer room. I notice there were updates to install to 7.10 tribe 6 at this point for sure.  I noticed that cups was one of the upgrades. After updating for 2-3 hours my printer was recognized and works well.  I have not tried the scanning part of my HP printer yet.ThanksBill