Dell inspiron 6000 with ubuntu 6.06

    I am using Dell Inspiron 6000 first i cant seem to get any refrence of my bluetooth in the device manager eventhough the led is on,second i cant seem to find any indication of wireless in the system tray and the led light is off, the FN F2 key dosent do anything as well and lastlly my mouse pad is very jumpy and slow but the external mouse works fine.Any ideas of how to resolve these issuesthanks

I also have an inspiron

I also have an inspiron 6000. Ive been wanting to switch it to Ubuntu but havent because of these things you mentioned. If anyone knows of a fix for these let me know because I really would like to switch to Ubuntu.

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same here folks!!!but this time its dell inspiron 6400

Inspiron 8200

Try the wireless first: Try going into System-Administration-(enter password)-Networking and make sure your wireless is set to active.If it is check to see if you are using Static IP or DHCP and that the settings are right.

helpful thread on Ubuntuforums

This thread;"" refers to the Inspiron 6400 but I am sure you can find useful advice there. Not everything I deem "necessary" (eg the fan controlling application) but it sure has been good for me and my 6400Sinclair