Design your own Desktop

Picking up on Friedrich.s blog, why not have a go at designing new wallpaper for BREEZY and then move on to DAPPER. I would guess a lot of us are using 1024x768 , so if this was made the standard size for submissions everybody could have a go. If anyone likes the idea lets get started!!!!!


very good idea, I just

very good idea, I just created a wallpaper section for Ubuntu and Kubuntu (see screenshots area).

I personally use 1280x1024. the bigger a wallpaper is the better I think.

It's much easier to reduce the size of a wallpaper afterwards than making a small file bigger (because of quality).

So I would suggest making 1280x1024, but other sizes are welcome as well of course :)

Would be really great if we could develop some real good wallpapers!