Disk Space full - won't log in!

OH NO! i have too much music, and now my disk space is full and i can't even LOG ON to my computer. this is bad. very bad. help.thanks! eek!


put live/install cd in, free space.

maybe you can access like this

I'm not sure but, correct me if I'm wrong, with the disc full you cannot log in via log manager (like kdm, gdm...etc). But if you press Ctrl+Alt+F1 you will be able to access to a terminal and log in there and free space. When finished you can go to log manager by pressing Ctrl+Alt+F7.

apt-get clean

you might try logging into "recovery mode" from the boot menu and run this command "sudo apt-get clean" which may clear up enough disk space to get you going again.  "Sudo" allows you to run a command as root, "apt-get" invokes the package manager and the option "clean" tells apt-get to delete the temporary files created when Ubuntu downloads and installs software and updates. And if you notice that you have more than one kernel version showing up in your boot menu at boot time then ou may want to tell Ubuntu to delete the old kernels and only keep the most recent.