Dont know how to configure the internet

My Ip address is<!--break-->My subnet mask is<!--break-->My default gateway is<!--break--><!--break--><!--break-->I have configured all this under wired connection static ip. Hope that is right.<!--break--><!--break--><!--break-->My DNS server is<!--break-->My other DNS server is<!--break--><!--break--><!--break-->I live in India and am using a broadband internet connection(from TATA VSNL), I have successfully configured all the afore-mentioned data on my Dell laptop in Ubuntu, but have no idea how to configure the part where I have to enter my user name and password. Can somebody please help in the way of a suggestion?<!--break--><!--break-->Also, I got some message that said that I need to install some driver that is not open source, and that could affect my security, and asked me to insert the Ubuntu CD, but I installed Ubuntu from a Digit magazine DVD, and it does not seem to read that DVD at that particular point in time.<!--break--><!--break-->I'm typing all this in this forum by means of Windows XP Home, which I have running along with Ubuntu.<!--break--><!--break-->I'm a complete NOOB so please help!<!--break--><!--break-->Thanks in advance to whomsoever may reply.<!--break--><!--break-->My apologies for not being able to break my message at its appropriate points.


Try System->Administration->Networking It will ask you for your administration password, select your ethernet card (ie. eth0) and click on properties. You will get a dialog box that will ask you for your internet settings. Change your configuration from DHCP to static and enter your ip settings. Then send me an e-mail