how about a link or an addition to actually download a copy of unbuntu? it would be nice to have a freeware list, where people can access links to different freeware and ratings on such...people  should be able to post links to such places as users also,,,

Ubuntu 8.04 won't install or run on my desktop PC

I have downloaded the live cd iso and created a disc. I have checked it and it is good. When i go to install, i get to the part where it asks me to choose my language. After that it gives me the option to install or try without making any changes to my system(have tried both options). It then goes to the screen with the progress bar. After that it shows a bunch of stuff in dos being loaded and checked(quit a few say "frozen" at the end of the lines!). Then my screen goes black, and nothing else happens. I have an asus motherboard, 256mb ram, 1.1gb celeron processor. My pc is and older HP. My OS is xp media center edition sp3. I am anxious to try ubuntu and see what the hype is all about, but i can't get it to run!! I have tried to install it in safe mode, removed quiet splash, etc... None of the tips so far has gotten me any futher than i have described. What am i not doing right? Anyone out there who can help me get this OS to run i welcome your help. I have done tons of windows installs, which to me were all easy as pie(every version except vista which i have'nt tried  yet since i hope to move away from windows and defragmenting), so i am not a newbie at installing OS's. I partitioned my Hard Drive when i installed xp, so i won't need to create or resize one for ubuntu. The partition i plan to install ubuntu on is 20gb(which should be enough for me to evaluate this OS). My email address is or you can instant message me on my yahoo messenger. Someone has got to know how to get me up and running. This is the hardest OS install ever so far!!!