Dream Server

My server is running great,
I have :
gnump3d - media server
Gallery - pic albums
secure VNC,
& more

She has been running like a dream. Can view site @


also visit sesserco.com/feeds/ Have not used Debian based system before but it sure was easy configuring everything and installing apps. w/ Synaptic

Ubuntu Server-Edition?


did you already use the Ubuntu 5.10 Server-Edition (see News on this site) or did you customize the normal Ubuntu yourself?


Does anyone know a nice friendly guide for Samba on Ubuntu. I'd like to set it up like Primary Domain Controller and have XP machines log in against it. I would like each user to have personal shares, but also have a few global shares that are available to every user.

samba...do u already see this article????

    http://www.howtoforge.com/samba_domaincontroller_setup_ubuntu_6.10?s=477... to this links maybe it can help u to setup samba...

I know this is old, but for

I know thi s is old, but for everyone's reference, you might want to try Likewise from Centeris. It does AD integration incredibly well.http://www.likewisesoftware.com