Driver installation

Good morning. I am unable to install the newest nVidia drivers for my Ubuntu 8.10. I have tried to install them from the terminal prompt and continuously receive an error that the command will not execute to install. I am trying to install

I also am having trouble installing F-Prot on this machine as well. I know that an anti-virus is not needed for any of the linux distros, but I believe in being prepared for the inevitable possibly of infections.

Any help would be appreciated.

Make sure you're not in GUI

Hello -

You have to log out of Gnome/Xwindows to get to the prompt, then run the install script. Try dropping directly to the CLI via CTRL+ALT+F1.

Be sure to note the directory the installer is located, of course.

Please note this is untested. The last time I had an nvidia card was under a different Debian distro, but the installer required I *not* be in a GUI when installing it.

Haven't used F-Prot. Check out ClamAV. It's opensource, not "freeware."