DSL Program

I'm wondering if there is a Ubuntu based program for DSL. I have a program from my ISP but it only works in Windoze. I'm hoping that there is one that works in Debian/Ubuntu/Unix. Where can I get it?

Who's your ISP? 9 times in 10

Who's your ISP? 9 times in 10 the DSL software simply sets up a PPPOE (or PPPOA) session, Under Ubuntu you can set-up a PPPOE account using the network manager.

Getting Started

I am a definent "NEWBIE" and I'm not sure since I CAN'T get on the internet because My wireless card isn't being "seen' so then how am I suppOsed to get these repositories so that I can get on the internet(IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN) peace!

1) Can you connect by a cable

1) Can you connect by a cable temporarily?

2)If you input into a terminal: lspci
What appears beside Network Controller?

stop loading

i'm very new in ubuntu, i was installing ubuntu 7.04 in my pc and Windows xp, i assumed those can be multiboot and stabil , but opposite that only windows can loading, the ubuntu stop loading, only the loading graphical not move at all..., anybody can help me please!