Dual booting problem

I can't dual-boot and I accidently deleted my suse linux. When I tried to reinstall it I disabled my Kubuntu. Does anyone know how to fix it without losing any data?


Cruise over to ubuntuforums.org and start searching and asking questions. Alternatively, you can visit any number of #ubuntu sites on IRC and many people will help!

testdisk and photorec

if you tried installing an OS on top of the other OS then your old data is toast. if you only deleted the partition then you might be able to recover your data with the tools testdisk and photorec. If your partition and data are intact, but you just cant boot to the OS if your grub menu is messed up, you can fix it with the supergrubdisk. or you could boot off a LiveCD and access your data to save to a usb drive or key.