e-directory on ubuntu server

Hi all, I just installed an ubuntu server and I would like to know how to add lindows clients so that they can share the printer and the database I have.I heard of e-directory, I don't know how it works though, someone please point me to some resources on the net or your own steps if you have installed it before.I would like to be able to deploy updates as well to my lindows clients, if posible login remotely.


Well...! Since my previous

Well...! Since my previous post, I have realized how much I did not unserstand linux - so far I managed to add a printer, create a shared drive on my network that can bee seen and accessed safely by *indows clients. Now I am trying to set my linux server to download and store some critical updates needed by my *windows clients. I want to preserve my slow bandwith, so I want to point my *indows clients to where I will be saving these updates (inside Linux Server) once they finish downloading.