Earth link dsl

I have recently decided to go to a dsl connection.Earthlink says on their website that they accept Linuxc customers;but when I had installation problems I found they do not support Linux.When I try to go online I get an error message that says my adsl line is not conected.I have changed thre phone line three times and still get the same message.When I ping my connection to contact earthlink it goes nowhere.I can see the ehternet card send it and the modem accept it but it is not transmitted???

earthlink dsl

Tell me what you did. You configured your modem? Which ip-number has it? When you type in your linuxbox "ifconfig" what do you see? you have to see at least two devices: one called lo, the other eth0 or ra0 or something else. When you type route, what do you see? There has to be a default route to your modem. I thinkt that is missing. You can add thad with the route command. If you don't know the right syntax you can type "man route" to see what to do.